Thin Wall Bowl Mould

Thin Wall Bowl Mould


Thin Wall Bowl Mould


Why thin-walled molds need to use high-speed injection molding machines?

Current domestic and international demand for food plastic packaging is growing. The resulting upstream products - thin-walled mold, high-speed injection molding machine, in recent years has become a hot industry of injection molding machinery industry. Thin-walled molds need to be molded under the action of high-speed injection molding machines. So why do thin-wall mold injection need to use high-speed injection molding machine? Thin-wall injection molding is one of the key factors in successful injection molding. Rapid filling and high pressure can melt the molten thermoplastic material into the mold cavity at high speed, thus preventing the gate from being cold. If a standard part in two seconds to complete the filling, then the mold thickness reduced by 25%, it is possible to reduce the filling time by 50%, just 1 second. Look at high speed injection molding machine. High-speed injection molding machine can be electric, it can be hydraulic injection molding machine with accumulator. Usually the injection speed is above 500mm / s. Often used in the formation of thin-walled parts, or poor mobility, the flow of relatively long distance of the product molding occasions. One of the advantages of thin-wall injection molding is that when the thickness is reduced, less material is required to cool. As the thickness decreases, the molding cycle can be reduced by half. At the same time this is the pressure on the injection molding machine, the speed of the higher requirements of the reasons. Conventional injection molding machine due to the injection speed and pressure is low, the melt can not fill the entire cavity has been formed curing layer, often not meet the molding process requirements. High-speed injection molding machine high-pressure, high-speed, can reduce the molding of the product difficult; shorten the molding cycle, increase the unit time production, thereby reducing production costs and improve market competitiveness.


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