Thinwall Container Injection Mould

Thinwall Container Injection Mould


Thin wall injection molding mold design is a crucial part of the formation of thin-walled products generally require special mold. Compared with the standard molds of conventional products, the thin-walled molds have undergone major changes from mold structure, pouring system, cooling system, exhaust system and mold release system. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

mold structure

 To withstand the high pressure molding, thin-walled injection molding mold stiffness to be high, high strength. Therefore, the mold dynamic and fixed template and its supporting plate thickness is usually thicker than the template of the conventional mold, the support column to be more, the mold may be required to set more internal locking mechanism to ensure accurate positioning and good side support to prevent Bend and offset.

The steel use S136,H13 etc.

Thin-walled plastic parts unlike conventional plastic parts that can withstand the larger heat generated due to uneven residual stress. In order to ensure the dimensional stability of plastic parts, the shrinkage and warpage control in an acceptable range, it is necessary to strengthen the cooling mold to ensure that the cooling is balanced.2 lid mold.jpg

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