Thin-wall Product Injection Mould

Thin-wall Product Injection Mould

Due to the high speed and moulding pressures,Thin Wall Injection Molding has high request on the mold steel,hot runner and cooling system.We will recommend using beryllium bronze to get better product because of its good thermal conductivity.



Thin-walled products, the design of the mold structure points: 

  1. The product is simple in shape, without any upside down and touch perforation, similar to the cup, the product surface more than 3 degrees, can be designed into side-gas, oblique gas, valves and so on.

  2. 2. The rib height on the stripper plate is less than 1mm. For this rib position processing, the stripper plate can be set up. 3. Multi-cavity mold design method:

  3. (1) independent self-locking: multi-cavity independent self-locking for all shapes of thin-walled mold design, each cavity independent, core mold clamping surface into the core of the complex board.

  4. (2) Overall clamping: The wall thickness is more than 0.8mm, the machine is relatively small, it is difficult to put it in, and the integral structure is adopted, but it must be explained in advance. 4. Cavity, core structure design:

  5. (1), cavity complex plate generally uses P20 steel.

  6. (2) Single-cavity barrel structure The bottom of the cavity is empty, and it must be ensured that the press plate has steel material above 45mm height. Prevent the cavity from producing flashes.

  7. (3) Inserts are used along the edge of the cavity to reduce the cracking of the thin steel material in the cavity. (4) Gate water jacket to reduce hot runner cooling time.

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