Thin-walled Products Injection Mold

Thin-walled Products Injection Mold

The design principle of thin-wall plastic mold cooling system


Odin Mould Company focuses on the design and manufacture of thin-walled packaging. We mainly focus on thin-walled product molds. With many years of experience and support from a strong core technical team, with the goal of a global market, we are constantly expanding our business scope and effectively combining professional knowledge and experience to provide you with the most market competition in the entire production process. Strong products and most efficient services.

In order to establish long-term, stable, friendly and sincere cooperation, Odin Molding Co., Ltd. continuously pays close attention to domestic and international development and has introduced advanced equipment and technologies. In close communication with customers, we have also welcomed a new challenge and provided customers with The most complete after-sales service


Product material: polypropylene PP

Mold cavity: 4 cavity 6 cavity

Mold material: 2344

Die life: >800 million times

Channel type: Master hot runner system

Operation mode: full automatic manipulator

Stripping mode: air blowing

Molding cycle: <4-5S

The design principle of thin-wall plastic mold cooling system

1, the number of cooling circuits should be as much as possible, and the cooling channel aperture should be as large as possible;

2, The arrangement of cooling channels should be reasonable;

3, The cooling circuit should be conducive to reduce the cooling water inlet and outlet water temperature difference;

4, the cooling circuit structure should be easy to process and clean;

5, The distance from the cooling water channel to the cavity surface should be as equal as possible;

6, The cooling waterway should avoid close to the melting marks, so as not to weld loosely, which will affect the accuracy of plastic parts.

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