Disposable Tableware Plastic Mold

Disposable Tableware Plastic Mold

disposable tableware plastic injection mold


disposable tableware plastic mold

 At present, there are many plastic tableware on the market, such as plastic spoons, plastic knives and plastic forks. Odinmould is a professional manufacturer of cutlery molds and manufactures all kinds of plastic cutlery to supply high quality molds. Our fork molds, spoon molds, knife molds, etc. have been highly praised by customers.

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As a cutlery mold maker, odinmould have many excellent examples. We focus on reasonable needs, according to the customer's production requirements, injection molding machine specifications and customer investment capabilities to help customers choose the right mold cavity, maximize their production efficiency.

Disposable tableware mold

Good mold quality is also our very important quality. Mold quality is also a guarantee of customer production. Without a quality mold, the buyer needs to spend a lot of time and money repairing it. This means that your production line must be stopped and you cannot deliver it in time.


Our tableware molds also have diversity. Just like the spoon mold, we made a 24 cavity, 1 hot runner, and the spoon formed a circle on the mold. To make a 32-cavity mold, we put them into 4 rows, making full use of hot runners, saving a lot of plastic material.

Our mold can also be made into a cold runner design, 24 cavity.


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