Home Appliance Part Plastic Injection Mould

Home Appliance Part Plastic Injection Mould


injection mold for home application

Appliances are frequently contacted and easy to wear during use, long-term contact with water, oil, salt, easy to corrode, long-term use at high temperature, easy to aging, long-term light, easy to change color, tarnishing, so the material appearance is required to be strong , Good scratch resistance, easy processing, high cost performance.
Common materials for small appliances
ABS: high gloss, easy to spray, but not high temperature resistance.
PP: Low cost, good fluidity, but poor dimensional stability.
PC: high strength, high temperature resistance, good transparency, but easy to crack.
PC / ABS alloy: excellent comprehensive performance, but higher price.


 -Products Designing & Manufacturing.

-Rapid Prototyping

- Plastic Moulds Designing & Manufacturing.

- Plastic Injection Mould

- Product Treatment & Product Assembling

- OEM/ODM is welcomed.

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