Plastic Basket Mold Customization

Odin Mould made a lot of kinds for daily using plastic basket moulds, such as plastic basket mold. Including plastic fruit basket mould, vegetables, plastic shopping basket mould, plastic laundry basket mould, plastic drain basket mould, plastic folding fruit baskets mould, hand-held plastic...


Precision injection gear mold

   For companies that conduct injection mold manufacturing projects in China that is far away from the country, an in-depth understanding of the actual process of mold manufacturing is to subject the project to strict control.

The mold project includes design, steel making, roughing machine, precision machine, assembly and mold tailing.



    Good plastic basket mold structure design is the premise of a qualified mold manufacturing
1). Whether the position of the parting surface and the precision of the finishing meet the needs, will there be flashing, and whether the plastic parts can be guaranteed to stay on the side of the mold with the ejector after the mold is opened.
2). Whether the demoulding method is correct, whether the size, position and quantity of the extension rod and push tube are appropriate, will the push plate be caught by the core, and will it cause scratches to the molded parts.


3). Temperature regulation of plastic box mold manufacturers. The power and number of heaters; whether the position, size and number of cooling medium flow lines are appropriate.
4). The method of dealing with undercuts made of plastic parts, whether the mechanism for removing undercuts is appropriate, for example, whether the slider and the push rod in the inclined guide column core pulling mechanism interfere with each other.
5). Is the location and size of the pouring and exhaust system appropriate。

The company's main projects:

1.  bucket/bowl/square box/noodle bowl/cup

2. Auto parts/Electrical appliances/Turnover box/Plastic pipe fittings/Bucket

3. Daily necessities/soap box/water cup/organizing box/storage basket/plastic table etc. series.








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