Pet air box plastic mould

Pet air box plastic mould

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Product Description


 Pet air box plastic mould

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 UG,Autocad, Cimatron, CAXA etc

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How to choice a good and best air box for our pets?

When we choose an air box for a small animal, we must choose according to the small animal's size.

The cage's anti-fall ability, anti-fall need to have hardness and toughness, and different pets' body structures, living habits have different requirements for the cage.

The weather is also important for the choice of the cage. It cannot be the same in winter. Small cages in summer and large cages in summer.

Appropriate selection of cages is a part of pets' safe travel. You cannot choose casually, let alone simply look at the appearance, which may lead to serious illness of the pet. It may escape on the way, and it may even endanger life!

Therefore, we must consider comprehensively when selecting the air box.

Odin Mould can offer you quality Pet air box molds with excellent, innovative and humanized mold design. We can make dirrerent kinds of air boxes molds.

Our Pet air box  molds have the following advantages:

1)Good cooling system which can help to reduce the cycle time.

2) Filter system which is useful if you use recycle material for your molds.

3) Mold steel with correct hardness heating treatment.

4)High speed CNC machines to achieve 0.02 mm precision.

5)With the most stringent quality control for each of our molds.



What mold steel is generally used for plastic pet products molds?

Commonly used mold steels are: 45 #, 40Cr, P20, 2738, 2316, 718, NAK80, S136 and so on.

Pet supplies mould (dog cage, cat litter box, Milo, etc.) generally recommended to use 718, Shanghai Baosteel P20 material. Because of 718, Shanghai Baosteel P20 through our company's mold manufacturing process can not only improve the life of the mold, but also increase the surface gloss of the products injected by the mold, while no flashes / burrs appear.



P.O. procedure


As pet products manufacturer.I believe our mould price will be cheaper at least 10% than your current supplier for the same quality products. 

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