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Rotating mop bucket stainless steel basket and plastic basket which is better?


Mop bucke mould and plastic how to choice 

Rotating mop bucket stainless steel basket and plastic basket which is better?

Stainless steel blue performance is better than plastic basket. Because it needs high-speed rotation to complete the drying and removal of the mop head, the tested stainless steel basket is more stable, the drying speed is 0.2 times that of the plastic basket, and it is more durable.


How to choose a rotating mop:

First: look at the material of the pole.

Some rods are made of stainless steel rods, some are made of aluminum alloy, and stainless steel is stronger than aluminum alloy in hardness. The rods are telescopic and cannot be stretched. The choice of this pole depends on personal preference. Don't think that the length of the pole is cost-effective. How to choose according to the situation? In short, as long as it is not a fake material to confuse the production, there is no problem.

Second: the choice of barrel.

The material used for the barrel is divided into new materials and new materials. This introduces one of the most direct resolution methods, that is, the person directly stands on the barrel, the bucket of the new material will smash, but it will bounce back. If it is used, the material will be broken. After all, the material is inelastic. The overall plasticity is also very poor. Nowadays, some manufacturers also use recycled materials and new materials. Of course, this quality is better than full material, but it is certainly not as good as new materials.

Third: the situation of gear materials.

Gear materials are also diverse, mainly divided into two materials, metal gears and plastic gears.

1. First of all, let's talk about plastic gears. Although the elasticity and plasticity of nylon are better, the hardness of ABS is higher than that of ABS. The reason why plastic gears are easy to break is this.

2. Metal gears sound more sturdy and feel good quality, but because mops are things that often see water, even the best metal products will rust.


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