Rattan Design Plastic Stool Injection Mould

What kind of material is the mold for making plastic stools?


What kind of material is the mold for making plastic stools?

The materials used in plastic molds are: P-20, 718, 718H, s136, s136h, H-13, 420, etc.

The injection mold is divided into a soft mold and a hard mold in terms of materials. The soft mold is generally made of P-20 pre-hardened steel, and the backward place is made of carbon steel of No. 45 or above, and the production capacity is generally about 500,000 times; The hard mold is made of hot-worked steel such as H-13 (chrome steel) or 420 (stainless steel). The heat treatment process requires more than double the cost of materials and processing, and the production capacity is more than one million times.


Is the stool mold injection mold generally used for hot runners or cold runners? What kind of gate is better? Which way is the gate of such a product better?

This kind of stool we use the hot runner of the big nozzle, the glue mouth is placed inside the hole, it does not affect the appearance, and the convenience of removal does not affect the appearance. Of course, the cold runner is also useful, but it will affect the cycle and generate a lot of waste. If the quality of the mold is high, I still recommend the hot runner mold.


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