Rattren Kitchenware Plastic Basket Mould

Rattren Kitchenware Plastic Basket Mould

kitchenware plastic basket mould.Plastic Injection Kitchenware Mould,Commodity Fruit Washing Basket Mould


kitchenware plastic basket mould


kitchenware plastic basket mould

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Our Service

Mould Tool Manufacturing/Plastic Injection Moulding and OEM Services/Prototyping and 3D Printing/Assmebly.

Value -added Services

DFM Report, Mould Flow, Mould Design,, QC Report, Injection Parameter Sheet, Testing Video.



Component Standard

Local, HASCO, DME, MiSUMI....etc

Mould Base

LKM Mould Base...etc

Mould Material



Hot Tip/Cold Runner...etcSMC/BMC Mould: heating oil or electirc 

Product Material


Painting Color




OdinmMould is mainly engaged in the production of plastic molds for daily necessities (various baskets, cutlery, kitchenware, food storage boxes, cups, basins, chairs, buckets, etc.)



Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer?

A: We are manufacturer.

Q2: What kind of mould can you make?

A: we can make plastic injection mould (plastic injection moulding tool) and SMC compression mould.

We have provided such kind of service to some of our customers and gain more experience in this field.

Q3: What should I provide you for a quote?

A: Sample photo with size or 2D/3D design


Q4: Can you accept the very small quantity?

A: Yes.


Q5: What is your payment method?

A:T/T, Western Union,L/C,etc...


Q6: How long is your delivery time?

A: Normally is 4-7 weeks, depends on the mould difficulty.


Q7: Do you provide free samples ?

A: Yes. If you order mould,we will send you free samples until match your products requirement.


Q8: If you make poor quality goods,will you refund our deposit?

A: Yes. If you are not happy with the quality due to our side, we will refund you deposit.

Q9:What type of steel do you use?

2738, NAK80 , 718H, H13, 2344, S136, P20(H),  4Cr13, S55C,C45#, etc.

Q10:What kind of material do you use ? 

ABS, PP, PC, PE,HDPE,POM, PA6, PA66, PA6+GF, PS, PMMA, TPU, TPE, PVC, SMC, BMC, etc. We have rich experience for molding product with these materials and know how to adjust Parameter to get the perfect product.






ratten design for lundry basket mould

Odin Mould can offer you quality hourswear molds with excellent, innovative and humanized mold design. We can make dirrerent kinds of basket molds.

Our basket molds have the following advantages:

1)Good cooling system which can help to reduce the cycle time.

2) Filter system which is useful if you use recycle material for your molds.

3) Mold steel with correct hardness heating treatment.

4)High speed CNC machines to achieve 0.02 mm precision.

5)With the most stringent quality control for each of our molds.


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