BMC Compression Plastic Mold Design

Odin Mould Co.,Ltd devoted ourselves to SMC molding / BMC mould for many years, we’ve accumulated rich experience in these business . We have the advanced tooling machines to make sure our pressing mould quality and precision is good enough, that means they can meet customers’ requirements definitely.


BMC mold in the electrical industry

Electrical components require high heat resistance, good surface quality, and aesthetics, so traditionally metal, base material plus coatings, or thermoplastics have been chosen for manufacturing. Bulk molding compound (BMC) can meet the essential performance of electrical production. Its durability in harsh environments has been recognized as a material that can "tolerate heat," and the electrical industry is no stranger to it. Decorative parts made with it are very popular. With the help of modern formulations, mold design and process technology, it is possible to design and mass produce glossy, dark-colored parts. Block molding compounds offer excellent price/performance ratio compared to thermoplastics and coated substrates


0508-BMC compression molding

Bulk molding compound (BMC) is a thermosetting composition based on polyester and can be injection molded or molded. Traditionally, bulk molding compounds have been used to mold components that require superior electrical, building, corrosion, or heat resistance. For a long time it has been mainly limited to the production of invisible or "run" parts of electrical appliances such as brush holders, armature bushings and motor mounts. Bulk molding compounds are often used to produce electrical (circuit breaker) components and automotive (bonnet and headlight) components.

0508-bmc injection

0508-BMC molding

BMC mould design follows similar rules as for any other production process with the plastic industry. But before you build a BMC mould, there are certain things need to be considered.The first and most important is shear edge.

BMC  injection mold


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