BMC Auto Parts Injection Plastic Mold

BMC injection molding machine barrel and mould temperature need satisfied BMC lowest limit. Usually BMC injection mould needs control between 135-185 degrees. When BMC injection, in order reduce glass component destroy, screw rotational speed better choose lower value, usually it is 20~50r/ min, and due to BMC material dynamic viscosity, BMC injection better choose back pressure with 1.4-2 Mpa.


BMC molds are thermoset molds, and their processing flow is irreversible compared to thermoplastic molds. Products processed from thermoplastic molds can be recycled and re-injected, while products processed from thermosets cannot be reprocessed once they are formed. There is no difference in the structure of the two molds. The difference is that the material being processed is one of thermosetting material and one is thermoplastic material.

0513-car plastic injection

BMC mould heating:Oil or electric

BMC mould steel:P20 718,H13 heating treatment or Nitriding.

Design: shear edge design is very important for Bmc mould.


Odin Mould Co., Ltd, professional BMC moldings supplier, mainly devoted in BMC injection molding, BMC moulds,services. With BMC injection molding solution, odin BMC mould has accumulated good reputations from our customers in different countries. BMC injection molding products mainly ranges in following sections: BMC injection molding in automotive industry, BMC injection molding in transportations, sanitary series, electronic appliance, building, and sports and so on. All these are due to BMC superior performance


  Odin Mould Co.,Ltd is a company with several years' experience in the manufacture of plastic custom injection moulds and tool making that offer high quality injection molds, established in 2002, located in Huangyan Taizhou City。We offer the details mold assembly drawing for customer approval to proceed the mold components drawing design , 3D mold design, and mold making. We use Autom CAD for the 2d mold design and mold components design.  we  also design the plastic mold components drawings.




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