BMC Injection Molding OEM

BMC Injection Molding OEM

Odin Mould has 4 600 ton BMC injection machine providing BMC injection OEM


BMC parts injection OEM

The main difference between the BMC injection molding machine and the ordinary plastic machine is the heating system. The BMC injection molding machine heats the mold to achieve the product solidification molding. The ordinary injection molding machine heats the plastic material through the barrel, and solidifies the product through the mold. In addition, the injection structure of the BMC has some differences between the previous oil circuit system and the ordinary injection molding machine.

BMC materials are thermoset materials and are not recyclable. Ordinary plastics (including many engineering plastics) are thermoplastic and can be recycled twice.

BMC injection mold

Odin Mould as a professional BMC mold maker in china, can make this type of mold with process of injection molding and compression molding. At this moment, Odin Mould has produced BMC mold in electrical industry, as well as bathroom industry and Automotive industry, such as BMC lamp housing, BMC washing basin, and BMC head lamp, etc.

If you have any doubts or requirements about BMC injection molding, please don’t hesitate to keep us in touch Odin Mould&Plastic Co.,ltd.

 As a professional BMC Mold manfacturer, our opinion and proposal will help our customers to win the markets in their industry, and give them confidence to work with odin mould without any worries.

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