Architectural Smc Compression Mould

Architectural Smc Compression Mould

Application of SMC compression mould in Architectural Products


Application of SMC compression mould in Architectural Products


1. SMC Residence

In the modernization of the housing industry, the overall bathroom represents the overall level of a country's residential construction, but most of the houses have now reached the difficult scale of a well-to-do housing. The overall bathroom consists of ceilings, siding, drain trays, bathtubs, washbasins, and washbasins. Composed of other components.

2, SMC seat

The SMC seat has features such as good design, corrosion resistance, high strength, non-polluting, waterproof, etc. The surface of the SMC seat is smooth and beautiful. It is widely used in parks, stations, buses, stadiums, airports and other places.

3, modular water tank

The SMC modular water tank is made of SMC moulded veneer, sealing material, metal structural parts and pipe system combined. It is a new type of water tank that is currently used for general construction. It has no leakage, light weight, good water quality, long service life. , Do not pollute the water quality, beautiful appearance, easy installation and other advantages, widely used in hotels, restaurants, residential, office buildings and other water storage facilities.

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