Car Battery Box Case SMC Mold

Product Description Our advantages 1.Imported steel 2.Reasonable price 3.Fast delivery 4.Quality credibility and good after- sales service Machining Process 1. Steel cutting 2. Fly-cutter 3. Rough grinding 4. CNC Milling 5. Final grinding 6. Hole drilling 7. Polish 8. Hard chrome...


Product Description


Design softwareUG , Auto CAD , Solidworks ,etc
Main Services Mold design ,Mold making
Steel Material P20 , Cr12, Cr12Mov , Cr12Mo1V1, D2 , H13 , 1.2379
Product Raw Material

 unsaturated polyester resin ,SMC material 

TypeAuto car parts , battery box , car bumper, etc .


Our advantages


1.Imported steel
2.Reasonable price 
3.Fast delivery 
4.Quality credibility and good after- sales service

Machining Process

1. Steel cutting
2. Fly-cutter
3. Rough grinding
4. CNC Milling
5. Final grinding
6. Hole drilling 
7. Polish 
8. Hard chrome plating/Nitriding
9. Polish again and assemble die 
10.Packing and shipment

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