OEM ODM Custom Made Compression Mold

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OEM ODM Custom Made Compression Mold

SMC, as a new type of molding compound with rapid development, has many characteristics: 

(1).It has good reproducibility and is not affected by operators and external conditions; 

(2). convenient operation and treatment; 

(3) the operating environment is clean and sanitary, improving working conditions; 

(4) has good fluidity and can form special-shaped products. Good quality uniformity, suitable for pressing large thin-walled products with little change in cross section; 

(5)  The surface finish of the obtained product is high, 

(6)  the production efficiency is high, and the forming period is short.



Preventive measures for pressure injuries of injection molds

1. Train employees on how to operate the injection molding machine and operation methods correctly, how to avoid the injection molded parts from crushing the mold during production, and strengthen the sense of responsibility.

2. Ensure that the manipulator is in an abnormal state of use, ensure that the manipulator fixture is safe and reliable, and the trachea and the circuit are smooth.

3. When the product is produced by fully automatic fixed-time shedding, you should choose a mold with a simple structure and the product will not stick to the front mold, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of crushing the mold.


4. When the injection molding machine is changed or debugged or the machine alarms, it should clear the thinking and do every step of the injection molding machine operation to avoid crushing the mold due to hand errors.

5. During the start-up and commissioning process, to reduce the occurrence of defective products, try to avoid the secondary injection caused by insufficient filling and lack of material (short shot) and left in the mold cavity.
6. Formulate production plans and regularly maintain and maintain molds.

7. For the molds that are prone to hidden dangers, in order to prevent the thimble from being reset and the neutron from being reset, the thimble plate/oil cylinder is connected with the thimble limit and reset device, which can effectively reduce accidents.


Our advantages

1.Imported steel 
2.Introduced advanced military industrial technology abroad ,owns military,industrial technical talents and senior engineers ,computer,controled equipments ,experienced workers  
3.Reasonable price 
4.Fast delivery 
5.Quality credibility and good after- sales service









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