SMC Toilet Seat Mould

SMC Toilet Seat Mould

Plastic Toilet Seat Mould Molding is a method of adding an organic binder to a powder, filling a metal mold, and pressing to form a molded body with a certain strength. This method is commonly used in products that are mass-produced in relatively simple shapes in refractory materials, ceramic...


SMC Toilet Seat Mould

Using SMC material, which is an aerospace material, less than one-fifth of the weight of the ceramic tile, but its strength is much better than the ceramic tile, and it will not crack, deform or fall off. Lightweight, tough and durable are its advantages, with a service life of up to 20 years. At the same time, the formaldehyde emission standard of the SMC material reaches the E0 standard level, which fully meets the needs of modern families for environmental protection



The SMC material has a certain elasticity, and the overall bathroom overhead structure layer, the air layer between the waterproof chassis and the ground, can effectively buffer the impact


(4) Core-pulling mechanism Complete the extraction and insertion of movable cores, including slides, slides, cylinders and slashes.

(5) Overflow system Exhaust body and storage of cold metal residues, etc.

(6) Temperature control system Controls the temperature of die casting molds, including cooling water pipes and heating oil pipes.

(7) Ejection mechanism Eject the die-casting parts from the cavity, including ejector rods.

(8) Moving mold frame Connect and fix moving mold components, including cover plates, support plates, etc.


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