Sanitary SMC Mould Design

Sanitary SMC Mould Design

sanitary industry SMC mould design


What are the heating methods for SMC FRP molds? Which is better?

Professional design and manufacture of SMC molds. The company's SMC molds, BMC molds, injection molds, and molds are widely used in the automotive industry, construction industry, and sanitary industry. Products such as: new energy battery cover molds, fender molds, and shrouds Moulds, bumper molds, truck mask molds, and other automotive molds, as well as a variety of bathroom molds.

Do SMC FRP molds need to be heated before and during use? The choice of method will directly affect the quality of the product, and of course it will also affect the cost of production.

SMC FRP mold heating system can be divided into electric heating, steam heating and heat transfer oil heating.

Electric heating is a simple heating method, which is characterized by simple equipment, but poor temperature control uniformity, which is not suitable for complex molds.

Steam heating is relatively uniform in temperature, but it is not easy to control, and the cost is relatively high compared to electric heating.

The common heating system of SMC FRP mold is heat transfer oil mold temperature machine, the temperature is even and stable, the temperature is controlled by the medium, the temperature is easy to adjust, and it is easy to automatically control. The advantage of SMC mold heating mold temperature machine is that temperature control can be realized by heating and cooling, which realizes the complex temperature control process of preheating-continuous heating-heat preservation-cooling in the SMC curing process.

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