A successful project development depends on successful project management. This includes ongoing management and monitoring project schedule on each process, full documentation of the whole process, beginning from mold fabrication and ending in preparation for production, fluent communication between internal and customer and good control of the manufacturing process.
OdinMould appoints an experienced project manager to offer clients professional recommendations, management, technical strategy formulation and implementation, as a coordinator to supervise overall project from start to end. Meanwhile, the project engineering team is capable to communicate in English without obstacle. For each new project, we set up full detailed schedule and critical control points in design, tool machining, mold trials, production and delivery.

OdinMould makes molds strictly in accordance with the standards in the prints. Mold data and project information are well recorded and filed, which greatly guarantee our future track and after-sales service. In case some problems happen to the molds, OdinMould is ready to offer clients 100% support to solve them at the first time. 
Plastic Mould Project Manage

1.Part feasibility analysis (with customer)
Cost re-evaluation
Lead time pre-check
2.Design Preparation
Get 3D/2D drawing & customer Tool Standard (refer to picture Customer Tool Standard Example), Specification (refer to Specifications example)
Design meeting (project manager, R&D, toolmaker, processing engineer)
Mold flow (if necessary) ( Mold flow video, Mold flow analysis in PDF.
Layout Solution
3.Tool Design
Tool design start and self-check according to GA checklist
Design review meeting (3D tool design review, manufacturing workmanship review)
Tool design to customer for approval
Tool design adjust according to customer comments
Repeat this until customer final approval
4. Schedule
Send final detailed daily schedule to customer.
Procedure Control
Weekly report to customer by photos, E-mails, Skype meetings
Project manager daily follow up according to schedule
5.Preparation for Trial
Project manager gets information for samples quantity, color, raw material ready f for processing engineer.
6.After T1
ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report) for 5 samples per cavity
Samples to customer
PFU (Problem Follow Up) which contents photos of detailed problems and suggested solutions
Pre-delivery tool inspection according to check list
7.Modification & Correction
Dimension correction upon ISIR and customer’s feedback upon samples
Evaluate with customer for modifications and supply new trial time
Repeat until customer final approval on samples
8.Tool Inspection
Final self tool inspection
Some customers come over for tool inspection
Capability study by running small batch production
Arrange either door to door or door to port service for tool deliveryShipping | Odin Mould Ltd.| China Injection Mold Manufacturer
Send delivery information (ETD, ETA, Vessel name etc) to customer
Check with customers for their trials in house about the tool performance in 10days upon tool arriving.
Final conclusion meeting for summary.
10.Customer service
1Installation of moulds and guidance service:
1)After the arrival of moulds , if need our help solve with the technical issues, we will send engginer but the round-trip air tickets and accommodation will be on customers expense. Along With the engineer’s salary will be included. (Average Engineer’s salary :USD$120/Day/engineer)
3) Engineers will stay in buyers’ country for the agreed date , guide the workers to use The mould and other necessary technical as free of charge.
2 Quality Warranty and other after service
1) Each moulds Gurantee period is 12 months starting from the date of moulds accept in the Buyer’s factory During the guaranty period:
·If any mould is in any small problem because of the different machine injection, the Seller will provide the repairing method.
·If any spare parts broken, the seller should remake new and good quality ones and send to the Buyer,
·If the moulds happen the big problem, The moulds cannot repaired, the Buyer cannot solve the problems,eg, mouldcrack, product can’t moulding… any big problem(except the human issues) Seller and Buyer's negotiate to slove the problem, the buyer can send it back to the factory for repairing.