Air Purifying Machine Plastic Parts Mould

Air Purifying Machine Plastic Parts Mould


Air purifying machine plastic parts mould。

At present, air purifiers are more popular, especially in the northern part of the country when there is severe haze every autumn and winter, resulting in serious reduction in air quality.


How much does it cost to open an air purifier mold?

Air purifier plastic parts injection mold, mainly to see: 1, the appearance of the product surface requirements 2, the product's own structure 3, the choice of raw materials (whether it is flame retardant material). These three aspects will directly affect the price of air purifier molds. Normal customers set a price down, about 20W or so.

What plastic plastic Air purifying shell?

There are many parts in household appliances that are plastic products. Most of them are ABS. There are also PMMA, PET, PBT, PC and other engineering plastics. They are mainly used for electrical enclosures and other components.

Air purifier mold requirements are still relatively high, the shell is now popular with ABS material, need high light requirements, a relatively large air purifier, there are many parts, the general small in more than 200,000, large three 400,000, of course, is still on demand, this mold is not low

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