Cone Bobbin Injection Mould

Cone Bobbin Injection Mould


Cone Bobbin Injection Mould

8/12cavitys 2 degree Cone Bobbin Mould

one Bobbin Mainly used for packaging wire and cable, rope and hose;

3. Material in line with ROHS requirements, through quality certification;

4. Specific design and size can be customized according to customer needs;

5. Can be based on your diameter and meters to provide professional advice.


Huangyan mold industry has more than 60 years of development history, enjoy China's "mold town" and "plastic daily necessities" reputation, a total of nearly 6,000 mold enterprises, daily plastic products production accounts for about 30% of the domestic market, 10% of export market

To create a mold "manufacturing high ground", set wisdom, research and development, incubation, tourism and other functions in one of the intelligent mold town in 2015 homeopathy and students. The town has now settled more than 50 enterprises, with the most complete mold industry, public service platform and processing supporting system, in 2016 to achieve output value of more than 20 billion yuan, will be committed to creating a global mold industry innovation base, boost the local manufacturing transformation upgrade.

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