Electrical Appliance Plastic Injectoion Mold

Electrical Appliance Plastic Injectoion Mold


electrical appliance plastic injectoion mold

In the choice of mold steel material, in addition to the constraints of output, the choice of plastic will have a decisive factor in the choice of mold steel. However, it should not be overlooked that in order to compensate for the shortcomings of conventional plastics to a certain extent, the plastic products nowadays add a certain percentage of additives inside. Some of these additives have a great influence on the mold. For example, common glass fiber, many PP, PE products in order to increase product hardness and toughness will add glass fiber in the product, the proportion is generally about 20%, then this addition will have corrosion on the mold surface, so commonly used P20 and the like Pre-hardened steel production will not be able to produce many products will be damaged, so there are glass fiber products, the choice of mold steel material will be higher, such as 718H, it is best to use quenched steel S136. Of course, glass fiber can also be added to PPS and other steel materials. At least S136 should be selected when selecting mold steel materials, and 2316 imported steel will be considered. If the output is larger, NAK80 material will be selected. Steel has good corrosion resistance and hardness and is very suitable for the mold of these materials.


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