Garbage Bin Plastic Injection Mould


The commonly used classified garbage bins are generally divided into five types: green, yellow, red, blue, and gray.


1. Red: Represents harmful substances, sometimes marked with orange. Hazardous substances include waste batteries, fluorescent tubes, paints, expired medicines, cosmetics, etc., which are non-recyclable and have certain pollution hazards. 2. Green: In the case of a combination of various plastic trash cans, green represents kitchen waste, and kitchen waste can be used as fertilizer for plant nutrients. After soil burying, it can be decomposed and absorbed by natural microorganisms and plants to recycle waste. The role.

3. Blue: Represents recyclable waste, including plastic, paper, metal and other valuable materials, which will be included in the waste recycling system for resource recycling.

4. Gray: In addition to hazardous materials and recyclable materials, garbage, ceramics, muck and other difficult to recycle waste, such materials are generally burned, buried and other treatment.

5, yellow: represents the special waste bin for medical waste, generally only used in hospitals, health stations and other medical places.


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