Garbage Can Plastic Injection Mould

Odin Mould a manufacturer ,produce different trash can,garbage can、waste basket, dumpster plastic injection mould


Odin Mould a manufacturer ,produce different trash can,garbage can、waste basket, dumpster plastic injection mould.

Plastic trash cans are widely used in public sanitation, garbage collection in the process of centralized collection of domestic garbage and automatic garbage dumping in sanitation vehicles. It is a good tool for garbage shipment during the centralized treatment of medical waste.

HDPE (low-pressure high-density polyethylene) with high impact strength selected from plastic trash cans is a one-piece injection molding material with good overall performance, and is itself an environmentally friendly product that can be recycled. Compared with other types of trash cans, the production time of plastic trash cans is relatively short (usually a plastic trash can can be produced in about 5 minutes), and the barrels can be nested during the design of plastic trash cans. And storage is reduced by a large volume. The plastic trash can is more superior to the trash can of other materials, and the plastic bucket cover is tightly filled, the barrel body is not deformed for a long time, the box structure does not become fragile and deformed, heat resistance, antifreeze and acid resistance, alkali resistance, and the barrel is easy to clean. Features such as it are now widely used.

trash can plsatic mould

100% high quality polypropylene (PP)

The barrel and the lid are respectively manufactured by high-pressure injection molding.

2. Features:

(1) Acid, alkali, corrosion and weather resistance;

(2) The rounding design of the delivery port is safe and has no profit;

(3) The surface is smooth, reducing garbage residue and easy to clean;

(4) It can be nested on each other for convenient transportation, saving space and cost;

(5) It can be used normally in the temperature range of -30 °C ~ 65 °C;

(6) There are a variety of color choices, which can be matched according to the classification needs;

(7) It is widely used in various environments and can be used for garbage collection, such as property, factory, sanitation, etc.

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