Hard Hat Motorcycle Helmet Mould


1.Quotation According to samples, artwork and special requirements.

2. Consultation and discussion Mold materials, cavity number, price, flow path, payment method, etc.

3. Sign the sales contract to confirm all terms.

4. Pay deposit wire transfer (50% deposit)

5. Check the product We get the sample or 3D data, carefully study and discuss, and feedback the insufficient or subsequent problems to the customer to ensure the successful completion of the subsequent mold opening!

6. Mold design We will design the product in the customer's product or drawing, and then confirm it to the customer.

7. Mold processing After the mold shape is confirmed, we start processing again.

8. Mold Process A weekly schedule is sent to the customer.

9. Test mode Send test samples and test reports to the customer for confirmation.

10. Mold modification Mold modification according to customer feedback

11. Balance settlement After the customer confirms the test sample and mold quality, the mold will pay 50% of the balance by wire transfer before shipment.

12. Delivery Mode of transport: road, sea or air, or a designated freight forwarder.



Taizhou Huangyan Odin Mould.,Ltd has rapidly emerged as one of the top mould manufacturers in the plastic injection  mold sector. Up to now, thousands of moulds have been produced by odinmould which have been exported to all over the world, including Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Netherlands, etc.

We have the ability to manufacture various molds, such as daily necessities molds, auto parts molds, gas-assisted injection molds, SMC / BMC compression molds, small household appliance molds, etc.


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  • Odin Mould(atplas) is a professional manufacture of gas-assisted injection mold, daily-use plastics mould, SMC/BMC mould, thin-wall injection mold, injection molding OEM,we have cultivated an excellent team and established a comprehensive system to meet different Different needs of customers.




You can send any of kind above drawing or samples data to us ask quote



Our company can customized plastic parts for customer,possesses advanced Injection Molding Machines,such as 1250T, 780T, 450T, 360T, 250T,  160T, etc in injection molding.

It also comes with one gas-assisted injection equipment, which can produce roof handle products such as hollow.



For mold spare parts, such as springs, thimbles, hot runner accessories, etc., our company will provide customer maintenance and use free of charge.



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