Motorcycle Safety Injection Molds For Plastic Helmet Injection Mold

Motorcycle Safety Injection Molds For Plastic Helmet Injection Mold

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Motorcycle Safety Injection Molds For Plastic Helmet Injection Mold

1. Cushioning and damping effect: There is a gap of 25 ~ 50mm between the cap shell and the cap liner. When the object hits the helmet, the cap shell does not directly affect the top of the head due to deformation of the force.

2. Dispersed stress effect: The cap shell is elliptical or hemispherical, the surface is smooth, when the object falls on the cap shell, the object can not stay and immediately slide down;

3. Biomechanics: The national standard stipulates that the helmet must be able to absorb 4900N.



1. FRP safety helmet: mainly used in metallurgical high-temperature operation sites, oilfield drilling forest logging, power supply lines, high-rise building construction and cold area construction.

2. Polycarbonate plastic safety helmet: mainly used in oil field drilling, forest logging, power supply lines, construction and other operations.

3. .Ultra high molecular polyethylene plastic safety helmet: applicable to a wide range of jobs such as metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, construction, machinery, electricity, transportation, forestry and geology.

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 4. Adhesive tape miner's helmet: mainly used in operations in coal mines, underground, tunnels, culverts and other places. There is no chin strap when wearing it.

5. Plastic miner's helmet: The performance of the product is basically the same as that of the colloidal miner's hat except that the high temperature resistance is greater than that of the colloidal miner's hat.

6. Cold-proof safety helmet: It is suitable for use by field and open-air workers in cold regions of China in winter, such as mine mining, geological drilling, forestry logging, construction and port loading and unloading.

7. .Paper glue safety helmet: suitable for outdoor operation against solar radiation, sand and rain.

8. .Bamboo helmet: mainly used in metallurgy, construction, forestry, mining, wharf, transportation and other operations.

9. .Other braided helmets: suitable for use in hot areas in the south without open flames.


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