Exterior Wall Anchor Insulation Nail Mould

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Exterior Wall Anchor Insulation Nail Mould

    The heat insulation nail is mainly composed of three parts, which is an old saying. It is mainly composed of nylon sleeve, galvanized steel screw and nylon disc. These three parts are indispensable. In the process of use, different specifications and models of insulation nails can be used as required. As we all know, insulation nails are widely used as reinforcement anchors for wall insulation structures.

   is ideal for anti-aging applications. It can ensure the reinforcement application of external wall buildings currently on the market and achieve a good reinforcement effect. At the same time, excellent insulation nails will not deform when used. Insulation nails are commonly used products in insulation engineering construction. Products play a very important role. There are many specifications of products. The use of products can meet your requirements.


According to JG149-2003 external wall insulation standards;   
         The load capacity of a single insulation nail ≥0.3KN

  Anchor bolt diameter 0.7-0.8

   Thermal conductivity "0.06

   Outer disk of anchoring nails; 50MM

   Operating temperature -40°--70°

imageThe product can be widely used in architectural decoration, has many characteristics of use, has anti-aging and anti-temperature mutation performance, has good corrosion resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance, has a great load-bearing capacity, has a good tensile strength Stretching performance, not easy to deform when used, has good moisture resistance. The installation of this product is also very convenient and simple, without any installation tools during the installation process.

   In addition, the corrosion resistance of the product is very large, the durability is very good, and the service life of the product is very long. Therefore, the product has now become an indispensable product, and the function of the product is also very important.








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