Plastic Car Battery Case Mould

Plastic Car Battery Case Mould

plastic car battery case injection mould with YUDO hot runner, 2 cavitys.718H steel.


Plastic Car Battery Case Mould

   The basic function of the battery case is to accommodate and protect the battery pack. The structure must ensure that the maximum accommodating space is retained while meeting sufficient strength, taking into account the saving of layout space. And to meet the changing operating environment of the

automobile, the design of the battery case is recommended to use the frame structure, that is, the frame and the bottom frame are welded by profiles, the thickness of the material is recommended to be >3mm, and the profiles are sold out or double-sided welding skin. The shape of is preferably a regular cuboid, and can be adjusted appropriately according to the layout requirements.




Standard technical requirements for battery case:
1. The structure can ensure the polarity is correct, and the reverse installation cannot be conducted;

2. It cannot be bridged by straight steel needles with a diameter of 0.5mm and a length of at least 25mm;

3.It should have the following signs, proportional to the battery shape, voltage, polarity, and spec;

4. For battery toys with replaceable batteries, how to take out and insert the batteries can be illustrated in a graphical way.

0415-battery box injection


1. Help the battery ventilate and dissipate heat;

2. Insulate and waterproof the battery;

3. Protect the battery from collision.










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