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The plastic spool is a kind of special disc tool for wire and cable. It is welded by two side plates and a cylinder body, and some also need to add two bushings and a pipe inside. Mainly used for welding wire. The characteristics of the plastic spool include high strength, high degree of rigidity, stable operation at high speed after machining and dynamic balance inspection. Plastic spool

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Plastic spool is made of environmentally friendly ABS, PS, PP, PE and other new materials, making recycled materials, can be produced according to customer's different requirements, simple size change, easy to use, economical, beautiful appearance, wood, iron And other synthetic material discs are the best alternatives. It is widely used for packaging and delivery of all types of wire, cable, communication cable, RF cable, fiber optic cable, and various wire materials. 0419-spool mould plastic

0419-spool mold

What's the plastic spool? 

The plastic spool is a special engineering plastic injection molding. The product has high precision, advanced structure, strong side ribs, good balance performance, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and the balance accuracy can reach 6.3 or above. The overall structure is plastic, metal combination, to ensure shaft hole requirements and electrical conductivity, product parts can be replaced, easy to maintain.



The design of a spool injection mold design. in which the structure of parts of process analysis to determine the sub-surface, casting systems, chose the injection machines, molding parts and the detailed calculation of the size of the system. using point gate, Simple structure, easy to manufacture. using straight pillar and angle pin guide, push the pipe discharge and the limit screws limit. Such a structure is designed to ensure that the die is reliable. Finally, the structure of the mold injection machine and the matching was checked Analyzes this set of molds and feasibility of the process.  

Keywords: injection mold;Plastic mold;casting system;angle pin.

0419-spool injection

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